Angling Frontiers: Mamirauá





Casa Do Caboclo Lodge: 3 double rooms, bathrooms, aircon  


  • Aruanã (Arowana)
  • Arapaima
  • Surubí
  • Pirapitinga
  • Apapa
  • Piranha
  • Matrinxã
  • Tucunaré - Peacock Bass
  • Pirarara (Red tailed catfish)
  • Cachara
  • Tambaqui

Angling Frontiers: Mamirauá

Be part of an expedition to the remote and expansive lakes of the Mamirauá Reserve in the Amazon. Through the partnership that Angling Frontiers has forged with the local communities, anglers have the opportunity to target giant Arapaima, Red Tailed Catfish and Peacock Bass while being part of a sustainable eco-tourism initiative. *Note: A certain level of fitness, good mobility, and the ability to cope with being out in the wild is essential for this trip. Consideration must be given to handling hot and humid conditions and allergic reactions to insect bites and stings (bees). BOOKING TIP: Limited availability in September and October only in 2024!!! YOUR ARRIVAL DAY IS ON A SUNDAY IN MANAUS. The fishing package weeks run Monday to Monday so please select Monday as your check-in day. Your first night in Manaus is included in the rates  

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Located in the state of Amazonas, the Uarini region is renowned for its vast wetlands and numerous lakes. The cornerstone of its economy and a trailblazing initiative in this region is the management of the Pirarucú, or Arapaima (Arapaima gigas), a historically significant species to the area. The area is also home to other fish species, including the Pirarara (Redtail Catfish), Cachara (Surubí Catfish), Tucunaré (Peacock Bass), Aruanã, Matrinxã, Tambaqui, Pirapitinga, and Piranha.

The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, a significant Brazilian site under the UN’s Ramsar Convention, underscores the global importance of wetlands. Located within the floodplain ecosystem, covering an area of 1,124,000 hectares, this reserve is Brazil’s largest wetland conservation unit. The Solimões and Japurá Rivers, are of vital importance to the communities of Nothern Brazil and along with the hundreds of lakes in the Mamiraua Reserve, form the base for your adventure.

Angling Frontiers are working with their Brazilian partners to uplift the local communities through sustainable ecotourism in the Mamirauá Reserve and assist in protecting these vital natural resources.



Casa Do Caboclo Lodge is rustic but is designed to offer comfort for groups of up to 6 anglers. There are 3 double rooms with 2 shared bathrooms and the lodge offers a large dining area.

NOTE (June 2024): Casa Caboclo Lodge is undergoing an upgrade for the coming season. Completion July 2024. New photos will follow

The Rooms have:

  • Air conditioning
  • Fans
  • 2 large beds
  • Bathroom
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Mosquito nets in windows
  • Power outlets on headboards

There is seating for 8 people in the dining area with overhead fans, sofas and a bar area. The small outside deck has chairs and a coffee table

The Casa do Caboclo Lodge is located in the Boca do Mamirauá community village and accommodation is rustic yet comfortable. The lodge provides all the services related to lodging, meals and laundry and the community has a generator, which runs throughout the night. Solar power also provides up to 4 hours of energy a day.

The lodge is equipped with Starlink internet Wi-Fi*


Travel plan

International Flights:

Direct Flights: A few international flights go directly to Manaus. Check for direct flights from major cities like Miami, Panama City, and Lisbon.
Connecting Flights: Most international travellers will need to connect through other major Brazilian cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or Brasília.

  • Your trip will start at the Manaus International Airport – pay attention to the recommended arrival and departure times. Flights from the city of origin to Manaus are the clients’ responsibility.
  • Arrive at the Manaus Intl’ Airport and shuttle to the Quality Hotel in an executive van (approx. 15 minutes). Overnight stay in a Hotel in Manaus.
  • Breakfast and checkout from the hotel, with a shuttle to the Manaus airport and a domestic flight to Tefé (07:30 to 08:40).

Meet and greet service in the Tefé airport and car ride to the harbour. Enjoy drinks and the view as you travel upriver (approx. 1h30m) in a speedboat with to the Boca do Mamirauá Community, where lunch will be served.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Availability of the Manaus – Tefe flight can be limited if bookings aren’t far enough in advance. Upon booking, Angling Frontiers and FFO will confirm domestic flight availability in order for you to plan your International flights into Manaus

Return flight: The flight from Manaus to the client’s hometown must be booked after 2 PM.

SEASON: Prime months are September, October and November

You will be guided in 6-meter-long wooden canoes (no engines) with platforms, which remain inside the lakes. To reach some of the lakes, a 1.5-km walk is necessary. Outboard engine-powered boats are used through different routes in the “paranás” (streams).

NOTE: Purpose build flyfishing skiffs with trolling motors will be available for the 2024 season

Guides: Local, trained guides.

Full fishing days. Breakfast at 6:30 and departure for fishing from 6:45. Return to the lodge at 6 PM, where appetizers and refreshments will be served, followed by dinner.


DAY 0 – Arrival with overnight in Manaus: Arrival at the Manaus International Airport and transfer to a selected Manaus Hotel
DAY 1 – Breakfast and checkout from the hotel, with a shuttle to the Manaus airport and a domestic flight to Tefé (07:30 to 08:40). Transfer to the lodge (Casa do Caboclo) and lunch;
DAY 2 – 7 – Full days of fishing
DAY 8 – Departure from the lodge in the morning and return to the Tefé airport.
**Please check the timetable for the return flight to Manaus before purchasing your ticket home.


A full gear list will be sent to you after booking!

9ft 10/12wt for Arapaima with fast and extra-fast action.

9ft 6/8 wt for Peacock Bass and a host of other species


Intermediate with a sink tip for Arapaima and intermediate and floating for 6 and 8wt’s for Peacock bass. Lines must be tropical grade to withstand the conditions
** Always carry spare lines – it is common for lines to be damaged by Piranas.


Poppers, Clousers, Deceivers and Streamers for Arapaima and Peacocks. Hoppers, Crickets, Cicadas, Streamers, Poppers and Beetles for Arowana. Fruit and insect imitations for Tambaqui


RATES 2024

$6,250 per person and $300 community fee

  • Professional fishing guides
  • Full boat/fuel
  • Meals and appetizers at the lodge
  • Beverages (water, juices/sodas, alcohol) from the arrival at the lodge for the whole duration at the package
  • Ground transfers in Manaus
  • Domestic return flights (Manaus – Tefe) – See note below
  • Ground transfers in Tefé
  • Boat transfers up to the lodge
  • Laundry Services.
Not included
Air Tickets International)
Extra expenses in the itinerary; Fishing equipment;
Lunch upon arrival in Tefé;
Other items not mentioned as included;
The community fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Availability of the Manaus – Tefe flight can be limited if bookings aren’t far enough in advance. Upon booking, Angling Frontiers and FFO will confirm domestic flight availability in order for you to plan your International flights into Manaus



Group dynamics and physical ability play an integral role in the success of an expedition to a remote area such as this. With this in mind, once you have selected your dates, you will be given an extended period of 4 days before being requested to pay your deposit. This enables FLYFISH ONLINE and ANGLING FRONTIERS an opportunity to engage with you to determine the best possible match of clients for a particular week

Payment terms: 50% deposit for reservation, and the remainder to be paid off a minimum of 90 days before the beginning of your trip.
All Deposits are non-refundable.
Community Fee: There will be a Community Fee of $300 per angler.
Alcohol: the consumption of alcohol and smoking, are strictly off-limits during fishing trips and in the communities’ common areas. They are, however, authorized at the lodge.
*In recent years the community members have been affected by Western vices (alcohol, tobacco), so it is up to us not to expose them to these habits any further, it’s a small sacrifice to make to safeguard their culture.

It is important to have travel insurance to cover any problems during the trip, like delays and cancellations in airports, luggage loss, fishing gear breaks and hospital expenses. Buy travel insurance with your preferred partner that facilitates medivac from remote areas. Any kind of emergency evacuation will be done through charter flights; thus, your insurance needs to cover this type of service, a minimum of BRL 30,000.00 (thirty thousand Brazilian Reais)

The package is not recommended for individuals with strong allergic reactions to bug bites, with a phobia of water or who don’t know how to swim, as well as anglers with back problems or low mobility.

For those not vaccinated, the yellow fever* vaccine is recommended (up to 10 (ten) days before the trip).

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