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Atlantic Salmon

Carron on the Spey

This exclusive beat on the famous River Spey, is right in the heart of Speyside. Offering private Atlantic Salmon fishing along some of the quietest river front in perfect fly water. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, tradition, tweed-wearing gillies and world-famous whisky distilleries, its doesn't get more Scottish than this.  

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The Carron beat is perfectly positioned on the magical River Spey, Scotland. One of the most renowned salmon rivers in the world, this beat offers superb fly water in idyllic surroundings in the heart of Speyside.

The beat operates in conjunction with Laggan on the opposite bank, and so the fishing is often referred to as Carron & Laggan. With 17 named pools over 2,5 miles, there is plenty of fishing for the 5 rods that fish Carron. Varied pools, ideal flyfishing water and all along one of the most tranquil and peaceful beats the river has to offer.

A cosy riverside hut just below the bridge at Carron, offers anglers a relaxing pit stop to enjoy a coffee as the morning fog lifts off the river, or something ‘colder’ in front of the fireplace as you enjoy lunch.

There is a wide selection of great local accommodation, from modern Scottish hotels to traditional guest houses and quiet country cottages. A full list of options will be emailed to you once you have booked. Fully catered stays are available on request.

The 2 closest Airports are Inverness and Aberdeen.

On the A95, approximately 1 mile SOUTH of Aberlour, you turn (left from the South and right from the North) onto the unclassified road signposted, “Carron 1 1/2 and Dailuaine 1/2.”

Follow this road past the Dailuaine Distillery, until you come to a “Double Bend” sign on the left. A little further along, the access to the beat and fishing hut is through large wrought iron gates on your right-hand side. You will be provided with the key code for the gate after booking. If you have crossed the bridge over the River Spey you have gone too far.

The ownership of Carron sits opposite Laggan. Each owns one bank of the river, Carron being on the right (south) bank. The fishing with Laggan is organised on “an up and down” basis. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Carron rods fish the Upper Beat and the Lower Beat on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Thus, ensuring private access to one bank on any given day. Access to both sides of the river is facilitated by Carron Bridge, and most pools are a very short drive or walking distance from the riverside hut.

Experienced Gillie, Mr Ian Borthwick, is on hand to assist all anglers. Ian has been at Carron for over 30 years and his experience and company on the riverbank is appreciated by all.

Most of the fishing is from the bank or with light wading, and the odd pool can be effectively fished by boat. There are six boats but for the most part, these are only used to assist the elderly or infirm and always with a gillie in attendance.

Carron like most of the River Spey is a” fly only” beat.

The fly fishing season on the River Spey in Scotland typically runs from February 11th to September 30th. This is regulated by Scottish law to protect salmon populations during their spawning period. Here is a breakdown of the key periods during the Spey River’s fly fishing season:

Spring Season (February 11th to March 31st):

This early season is known as the “spring run” and is primarily focused on the early-migrating salmon, often referred to as “springers.”

Water temperatures can still be quite cold, so fishing methods and flies need to match these conditions.

Main Summer Season (April 1st to September 30th):

The main summer season covers the bulk of the salmon fishing on the Spey.

From April onwards, you’ll find larger numbers of salmon, including both fresh-run fish and those that have been in the river for some time.

The weather tends to be milder during the summer season, and the river warms up, which can make for more active fish.

Autumn Season (September 1st to September 30th):

Towards the end of the season, in September, there’s often an “autumn run” of salmon.

Autumn can be a fantastic time for salmon fishing on the Spey, with fresh, strong fish entering the river.

The river’s water levels can be lower in September, which can affect fishing conditions.

  • Double-handed Spey rod: A Spey rod, typically around 12-15 feet in length, is ideal for long casts and controlling the line on the Spey River.
  • Spey line: Use a Spey-specific line that matches your rod and casting style. Skagit, Scandi, and traditional Spey lines are common choices.
  • Leaders and tippets: Leaders should be long and tapered, typically around 12-15 feet. Tippets should be fine, around 10-15 pounds test, depending on the river’s conditions.
  • Flies: Popular salmon flies for the Spey River include traditional patterns like the Ally’s Shrimp, Stoat’s Tail, and Sunray Shadow.

Rates vary on availability and time of season. Early weeks in February and March can be as little as £ 2500 whereas prime weeks in June rise to £7500. These rates are always exclusive of 20% local VAT.

Rates are for access to the beat for 5 rods for the week. Inclusive of access to the beats, gillie and use of the Carron hut for lunches. Accommodations are NOT included in the above rates, however, we can assist in arranging accommodations for you through approved local suppliers.

Rates for self-catering houses for a week vary from £1500 through to £2800.

We can also assist in arranging a local cook for fully-catered services or partial-catered services.

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