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There are a multitude of accommodation options to choose from and will be determined by availability and budget on booking


Queenfish, Golden Trevally, Kingfish, Cobia, Bonito

Dubai: Ocean Active Fly

Whether it is for a brief layover and you only have hours, or if you are in Dubai for a few days, this experience is not to be missed. Urban flyfishing at its absolute best. You will bend your rod with backdrops of the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and other spectacular urban sights synonymous with Dubai. You will almost certainly catch plenty Queenfish too. Booking Tips:

  • SELECT DATES IN SEASON (1 Sept - 31 May).
  • Ocean Active: Dubai bookings are for charter sessions/daily activities and the booking page looks a bit different. Just click 'More Information" on the booking page and you can easily select your dates from the availability calendar

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Ocean Active has been the pioneer in putting Dubai and the UAE on the flyfishing map. Dubai is a hugely attractive destination for a wide range of travelers. Whether you are in the city for leisure or business, Ocean Active will provide an unforgettable flyfishing experience. Dubai is also the epi center of global travel and incorporating a session or 2 before departing for your final destination adds a huge amount of value to your journey.

Most flyfishing destinations that we search for are usually to remote wilderness destinations. Dubai has a beauty of its own and cruising this amazing fishery with the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic skyline is a must for any fly angler.

Dubai boasts a selection of the world’s finest hotels, and Ocean Active has established partnerships with several of these exceptional establishments to ensure unparalleled luxury, seamless logistics, and exciting activities. Some of the top-tier 5-star choices include the prestigious One and Only Royal Mirage and the renowned Marriott Marquis. 4 star and 3-star options are also available.

Once you have confirmed your fishing dates the Ocean Active Team will make sure all the details are taken care of.

All transfers and logistics from Dubai International Airport to your Hotel and around the city will be handled and booked by Ocean Active Fly

Season: September – June

Fly fishing in Dubai offers an unparalleled and truly unique experience, often referred to as “urban fly fishing” due to its proximity to iconic landmarks like the 7-Star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Atlantis Hotel, Palm Islands, World Island, and the impressive Dubai Marina with its 200 skyscrapers. Picture yourself casting your line right in front of these remarkable sights!

The fishing is designed to be convenient and enjoyable, typically lasting half a day in either the morning or afternoon. This leaves ample time for you to explore the numerous attractions that Dubai has to offer.

4 and 6-hour charters on custom boats, depart from Harbour 3 in Umm Sequim which is conveniently close to the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Rod: Fast action 9 or 10 wt. rods capable of casting heavy flies with a bit of lifting power.

Reel: Large Arbor-style reels with a dependable drag system to stop big fish

Lines: You will primarily rely on floating lines whilst sight casting to fish on the surface. You will also need an intermediate line to fish deeper in the water column and on occasion, a 350 or 400gr line when targeting Golden Trevally along the drop-offs. All lines need to be Tropical grade to withstand the heat. High-quality 25lbs fluorocarbon leader material

Flies: Clousers tied in natural colours – grey, tan, olive, blue, black, and chartreuse, using a 1/0 SL12 hook. These flies are tied sparsely with minimal flash, imitating the slender, dark blue/green-backed sardines found off the Dubai coast. Poppers are also effective for great surface action.

Your passport is required when boarding the boats for Coast Guard clearance.

Top quality equipment including T&T rods and Shilton reels are available at no extra cost if required. (Breakage conditions: if any rods or reels are broken there is a USD250 repair and courier charge to send the items to the US and return.

$680 USD – $980 USD + VAT (5%) per boat.
Price dependent on duration (minimum 4 hours). ONLINE BOOKINGS are for 4-hour sessions. Any additional time to be settled directly with operator.
Package includes boat, skipper/crew/guide, fuel, fishing equipment (lost and broken equipment will be charged for) cold drinks and drinking water.


  • Ocean Active Fly is licensed to carry 6 people plus 2 crew for the 32-foot boat and 5 people plus 1 crew on the 27-foot boat. If fly fishing, only two fly fishermen per boat at any one time.
  • There are no bathroom facilities on any of the boats.
  • All clients must bring either their original passports or if they’re UAE residents, their Emirates IDs.
  • There is no alcohol allowed aboard the boats.
  • Payment in full must be completed 7 days before the charter date. Last-minute charters booked within 7 days of the charter date must be paid in full on the date of the booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed. In either case, failure to pay by then could result in the cancellation of the charter at the client’s cost.
  • Fishing charters are priced for departure from the marina berth in Jumeirah with a return to the same marina. Other services such as transport, accommodation, tourist attractions and special requirements can be arranged on request and will receive full support.


  1. Cancellations by the Client
  • Cancellations of bookings will only be accepted in writing. Ocean Active retains the right to keep any payments in compensation for potential lost bookings and income. Ocean Active reserves the right to resell a trip/charter at a discounted rate if a fully funded booking is cancelled. Cancellation Charges: If a client cancels a booking, any costs will be expected to be covered by the appropriate travel insurance as per clause 1f. Travel insurance, taken out by the client at the time of making the booking and paying deposits/full payment.

2. Trip cancellation due to weather, forced cancellations, unstable political conditions, sea state, accidents out of our control, natural disasters, epidemics, war, riots, strikes and other force majeure events.

  • If Ocean Active cancels a trip/charter due to weather, forced cancellations, unstable political conditions, sea state, accidents out of our control, natural disasters, epidemics, war, riots, strikes and other force majeure events or instructions from authorities this will be done as early as possible and will be confirmed with the client. Ocean Active will offer to provide another suitable date within 12 months. If no suitable date can be agreed no refund will be forthcoming so, ensure that the client’s travel insurance covers this eventuality. If necessary, Ocean Active will provide a letter to your insurance company confirming the cancellation. Ocean Active has made all of the preparations for the trip and incurred costs.

3. The trip was cancelled due to broken engines or boats.

  • If a trip/charter is cancelled due to the broken engines or boat, then Ocean Active will provide a reasonable replacement on a best endeavours basis, if a suitable replacement is not found or provided then Ocean Active will work with the client to ensure that, together with any travel insurance payout, that the charter is refunded or a 100% credit issued. If a client chooses to use the provided replacement boat, then a refund or credit day will not be provided. Ocean Active suggests taking out travel insurance to cover any lost costs.

4. Cancellation for reasons caused by the customer: Ocean Active reserves the right to cancel a booking or services if actions on the client’s part give justifiable cause to do so. In such instances, Ocean Active will not refund any payments already made. Further claims against Ocean Active will not be entertained.

5. Unused Services: No refund will be considered for non-acceptance of pre-booked services once the trip/charter has commenced irrespective of the reason. Where a client is unable to travel due to invalid or mislaid travel documents (e.g., passport, visas), the unused portion of services that are included in the client’s package is not refundable.

6. Trip Interruption: If the client interrupts or calls short a trip/charter then Ocean Active is not liable for any refunds or credit.

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