10 RODS. Single occupancy in 10 en-suite rooms. Non- fishing partners welcome


Sea-Run Brown Trout

Kau Tapen

Kau Tapen is undoubtedly the lodge that pioneered the hunt for huge Sea Run Browns on the magnificent Río Grande. Derived from the Ona Language, "Kau Tapen" translates to "House of Fishing," and this is precisely where you'll find the ultimate fly-fishing experience. Nestled within the heart of the Río Grande watershed, the lodge boasts access to the finest pools on the Rio Grande river as well as prime access to the famed Menendez.  

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With a history spanning over three decades, Kau Tapen Lodge holds countless stories of epic battles with massive trout. This renowned lodge has become the fishing home for hundreds of anglers seeking an unforgettable experience. The river offers ease of access, short walks, and shallow wading, catering to both single and two-handed rod enthusiasts. Whether skating a bomber fly or drifting a nymph, you can pursue Sea-Run Trout that previously existed only in dreams.

Five world records and the regular fish of 27-35 pounds each season are a testament to the exceptional fishing opportunities. With a low angler-to-pool ratio, you’ll have ample space to explore and cover extensive water each day.

Tierra del Fuego may indeed be considered the end of the earth, but it holds a status of holy pilgrimage for brown trout fishing enthusiasts.

Kau Tapen boasts a team of world-class guides who merge local knowledge with expert techniques, ensuring an unforgettable five-star experience.

This charming lodge can accommodate up to 10 guests, occasionally extending to 12. There are ten en suite rooms; some offer a king bed, while some have one queen, and others are furnished with two doubles.

The lodge’s spacious living room serves as a welcoming gathering space, affording breathtaking views of the serene Menendez and Rio Grande valleys. Here, guests can soak in the warmth of a crackling fire and indulge in the well-stocked bar, a perfect setting to unwind and share fishing tales.

To further enhance the guest experience, Kau Tapen offers two convenient wading and fly gear rooms, ensuring that equipment is organized and readily accessible. There is a full spa complete with a Jacuzzi, sauna, and Finnish steam bath. Perfect for unwinding after a rewarding day on the water.

Guests fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina, and typically overnight there, with a day to spend touring the city. Arrival day at Kau Tapen is set for Saturday. Commercial airlines fly from Buenos Aires to the airport of Río Grande (RGA) or Ushuaia (USH), where a lodge representative will meet you. The transfer from Río Grande airport to the lodge takes 30 minutes, if you are transferring from Ushuaia it is an approximate 2 1/2 hour drive. On arrival at the lodge, guests are welcomed with cocktails by the entire Kau Tapen staff.

Season December 28th 2024 – April 13th 2025

Sea-run brown trout hold a special place in Tierra del Fuego. This remarkable destination stands out due to the sheer size and power of its record-breaking fish.

January (opening): Kau Tapen Lodge’s fishing season starts in early January. During this time, anglers can catch medium-sized fresh fish and a good number of trophy fish, mainly females that arrived early in November. These fish spread throughout the midsection of the river, where the lodge is situated. The river level is higher but safe for wading and fishing. As January progresses, the river starts to drop.

February (mid-season): In February, the pools flow slower, the water becomes clearer and warmer, and caution is required when wading and casting. Lighter rods, thinner leaders, and smaller flies are recommended. Rains at the end of February trigger the fish to move. River flow continues to increase until the season’s end in early April.

Late March – April (End of season): April offers bigger catches, colder water, and limited fish activity in the mornings and late afternoons. However, fish become more active around noon and early afternoon as the water temperature rises. April weather can be unpredictable, but hooking a fish is likely to be a memorable trophy.

The Río Menendez: The Menendez River has gained international recognition and complements the Río Grande. It can be fished with single-handed rods. The river’s shallow depth and structure make fish behave differently. It experiences fewer water level fluctuations than the Grande and serves as an excellent alternative during unfavourable conditions.

There is a well-appointed tackle shop, with a wide array of top-quality fishing essentials and clothing. For those eager to exercise their fly-tying skills, the lodge provides a dedicated fly-tying table and equipment, ensuring guests have everything they need to create their perfect patterns.

Rods: The natural design and in-stream architecture of the Rio Grande make it an ideal setting two handed Spey or Switch rods. 7- 9 weight rods ranging from 12 to 14 feet in length are what we recommend.

For light-wind conditions on the Grande or close-range nymphing on the Rio Menendez tributary, single-handed rods in 7-9 weight (up to 10 feet long) can be effective.

Reels: Select a high-quality reel with a robust and adjustable drag system. Reels (and spare spools) should have ample capacity to accommodate your fly line and 100+ yards of 20-pound backing.

Lines: Anglers should carry at least three lines to adapt to varying water levels and wind conditions. Weight-forward fly lines are commonly used on the Rio Grande. Floating lines are most effective during low-water conditions and during the early morning and evening hours when sea-run brown trout tend to feed near the surface. Integrated sinking tip lines are also highly effective, while intermediate lines find success in specific conditions.

For Spey rods, shooting heads are predominantly used, ranging from floating to fast-sinking (S4).

General fly list:

  • Collie Dog tube flies (3 1/2 – 4 1/2 inches long) featuring aluminium and copper bodies, with hard plastic tubing and #4 wide-gape hooks.
  • Sunray Shadow in various sizes.
  • Bunny leech, Zonker, Woolly Bugger (black/olive), articulated string leech types with electric blue flash, tied on #2-4 hooks.
  • Peacock patterns (now a staple on the Rio Grande) tied on #2-4 hooks.
  • Girdle or Yuk Bug with rubber legs (#4-12).
  • Bitch Creek nymphs in orange and black, preferably #4-12.
  • Bead head nymphs such as Prince and Hare’s Ear in sizes #10-14.
  • Traditional Atlantic Salmon flies.
  • Bombers or other waking dry flies (natural deer hair, black & green) on #4-8 hooks, suitable for drifting or with a Portland hitch.
  • Include a few 1- to 2-inch tube flies as they can be effective on the Rio Grande. Additionally, bring any large dark trout or salmon patterns that have worked for you in the past

The lodge offers some fly patterns for purchase along with a limited supply of backup tackle


DECEMBER 28 – APRIL 12, 2025


DECEMBER 28 – JANUARY 11: $ 12.950

JANUARY 11 – MARCH 22: $ 14,950

MARCH 22 – APRIL 12:  $ 12,950

Non-Fisher: $650 per night per person

Check in After 4PM / Check out Before 10AM

Saturday to Saturday weeks include 1 night at Delta Eco Lodge (shared rooms), with one day of guided dorado fishing (subject to availability; first-come first-take basis) with lunch, dinner & breakfast included – open bar. Does not include transfer from Ezeiza (EZE) Intl. Airport to Marina & Marina to Aeroparque (AEP) Domestic Airport.


Accommodations based on single-room

Transfer from Río Grande Airport (RGA) to the lodge

All meals, wines, beer and local and international spirits

Professional guide services (2 anglers per guide)

Loaner fishing equipment (Rods, reels & lines)

Not Included:

International & domestic airfares

Fishing Licenses (approx $595 per angler)

Laundry service

1st Night or Day room (if needed) at Río Grande Hotel or Ushuaia on arrival date

Gratuities for guides and house staff

Transfer to/from Ushuaia

  • 1 pax $450 p/pax one way
  • 2 pax $225 p/pax one way
  • 3 pax $200 p/pax one way
  • 4+ pax $175 p/pax one way


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